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Addressing climate justice in the Middle East and North Africa, 

from the perspective of some of the most important and exciting artists.

The triple threat of climate, colonialism and conflict means that water shortages, inhospitable land, reducing access to food can exacerbate existing crises and lead to further instability. Artists are exploring these ideas, working on projects to heighten awareness and demystify the ideas and challenges surrounding the crisis.

How is the climate crisis affecting communities already experiencing the destruction of their environments and land due to conflict and colonialism?
How are artists in the MENA region approaching these multiple

narratives around crisis whilst creating space to imagine a better future?

Faisal Abu Alhayjaa is an actor and comedian
Samah Hijawi is an artist and researcher
Sabrina Mahfouz is a playwright, poet, screenwriter and performer
Doreen Toutikian is a cultural producer and entrepreneur

As part of Artists / Ideas / Now

in collaboration with Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and Howlround

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