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Addressing climate justice in the Middle East and North Africa, 

from the perspective of some of the most important and exciting artists.

The triple threat of climate, colonialism and conflict means that water shortages, inhospitable land, reducing access to food can exacerbate existing crises and lead to further instability. Artists are exploring these ideas, working on projects to heighten awareness and demystify the ideas and challenges surrounding the crisis.

How is the climate crisis impacting models of government? How have people stood up or disrupted in order to achieve large-scale systematic change? What about the role of citizenship during a global crisis – do we need to change how we empower ourselves, our communities, communicate information and become more active citizens against the politics that are driving us into chaos.

From citizen assemblies to challenging those in power, does democracy have what it takes to survive the climate crisis?

Dr Nesreen Hussein is an artist, researcher and Senior Lecturer
Magid Magid is a climate justice activist/organiser and author
Sama Alshaibi is a visual artist
Akram Salhab is a writer and documentary maker

As part of Artists / Ideas / Now

in collaboration with Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and Howlround

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