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‘A Dangerous Mind', is a short film aiming to start a conversation on mental health for young Palestinians.


The future is an impossible hope to imagine. The pandemic is only one of the obstacles young Palestinians are facing and only one of the causes that is pushing us into isolation. Extreme poverty, unemployment, 40% imprisonment for men, constant threat of death, the continuing annexation of the West Bank and rising global temperatures that are pushing summers into constant extreme heat.


There is nothing normal about being a young Palestinian, and yet the international community constantly expect us to be resilient, reasonable and embody hope. And in our own communities, it is a taboo to talk about anxiety, depression and vulnerability. We are expected to be tough, to focus on resistance and hide emotion which is seen as weakness.


‘A Dangerous Mind’ is a call to begin talking, to show our vulnerability and acknowledge the complex emotions that come from a life under brutal military occupation before we lose another life to suicide.


Directed by Ahmed Tobasi

Camera by Mohammed Mouwia

Written and performed by Mahmoud Abu Aita, Motasem Abu Hasan, Rose Biblos,

Momen Sadi, Jamal Joos, Ehab Abed, Khalid Faraj, Shatha Yasin, Omar Felfel,


Produced by The Freedom Theatre in collaboration with Creative Destruction

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