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Addressing climate justice in the Middle East and North Africa, 

from the perspective of some of the most important and exciting artists.

The triple threat of climate, colonialism and conflict means that water shortages, inhospitable land, reducing access to food can exacerbate existing crises and lead to further instability. Artists are exploring these ideas, working on projects to heighten awareness and demystify the ideas and challenges surrounding the crisis.

This conversation looks at the connection between patriarchy and the climate crisis. How is the climate crisis impacting women and people of marginalised genders? Are there feminist solutions to the crisis – perhaps rooted in cultural traditions and practices which have been upended by consumerist habits? How can artists help illuminate the parallels between society’s treatment of women and nature?

Penny Babakhani is a creative producer

Ala Buisir is a documentary photographer
Juliana Yazbeck is an actor, writer & musical artist
Maha Alasaker is a visual artist

As part of Artists / Ideas / Now

in collaboration with Liverpool Arab Arts Festival and Howlround

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