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ARTISTS ON THE FRONTLINE is a creative space and platform for radical artists working at the forefront of social and political change. 


Whether through the latest digital technology, on the streets, or by inventing new prototypes, our work creatively responds to the multiple crises the world is facing.

Projects bring together agents of change who are challenging and rethinking the injustice systems we live in, finding ways to disrupt the status quo and contribute to large-scale systematic transformation. 


The work is driven by local and international artists, communities, justice movements and change-makers, centring and celebrating those on the radical fringes, the outsiders, agitators and imposters. 


Through exploring the intersection between arts, activism, politics and community organising, we are building a space where groundbreaking, revolutionary and censored conversations, ideas and stories can be told.



CREATING From film, virtual reality, street performance, theatre, to prototypes, the formats we work in have no limits  Projects reclaim space and ideas, focusing on silenced, manipulated, or ignored narratives to rebalance power and circumnavigate gatekeeping and censorship >>


CONNECTING Creating spaces where different social and political movements can connect, share the diversity of tactics used and exchange learnings. Whilst building power through solidarity.

PLATFORM Celebrate artists on the frontline, who are radical in thought & methodology, who use culture as a form of resistance, and arts to fight for a fair and just world.


ADVOCATE Put a spotlight on the brutal consequences and censorship many of the world's most exciting change-makers face, and advocate for artistic freedom.


CIRCUMNAVIGATE CENSORSHIP Through exploring new technology, digital exchange and models of global solidarity, we are finding ways that artists can circumnavigate censorship, borders and repression, and continue connecting, building and mobilising.


BUILD NEW ECO-SYSTEMS Creating the foundations and collaborative conditions to be able to tackle injustice rather than just perpetuate it, by modelling genuinely inclusive, equitable, healthy eco-systems that are essential foundations when fighting for change


WORKSHOPS Lead workshops in how arts and culture can be used to fight for change, as well as develop trainings for artists working in hostile environments >>


SHARE KNOWLEDGE We commission talks and articles that address the most pressing and complex conversations of the moment. We also have collated lists of books, articles, documentaries and films to read and watch >>



We live in toxic system of profit before people and the planet, extractivism, colonialism and oppression, with war penetrating everything from a micro to a macro scale, benefiting only a select few. 


Scientists have made it clear that humanity is facing an unprecedented climate catastrophe. This crisis could be one of the most uniting moments in history and an opportunity to radically rethink the structures we live under or it could tear our communities, society and countries apart. 


In the UK we are already on the brink of social breakdown due to the effects of austerity, corrupt power systems and privatisation of everything including currently healthcare and education and these divisions will only get worse if 10% of the UK will be uninhabitable by 2050 as scientists predict.


If we embrace the radical thinking, tenacity and commitment to face these emergencies head on then maybe there is hope.


ARTISTS ON THE FRONTLINE works to create genuinely inclusive, equitable, healthy eco-systems that are essential foundations when fighting for change.

History is told by the winners. While looking to the future, we believe there must be an honest reflection and critique of the past, particularly concerning colonialism, war, and empires.

Anti-racist, anti-capitalist, decolonial, abolitionist, queer intersectional feminist approaches are prioritised. Promoting and celebrating alternative models that are non-hierarchical, embed radical care, deconstruct discrimination & empower all. 

In an ever more divided and divisive world, listening, kindness, and respect are critical values. However, change is uncomfortable, and these principles can’t be prioritised to the detriment of challenging injustice and discrimination and shaking up the status quo.

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